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 Here at Felons Get Hired we understand that the struggle is real when trying to find employment. Many times your felony record will disqualify you from a position before you even have a chance to explain the situation. Too often we find people who served their time 10+ years ago still being denied. 

While this common situation is aggravating to say the least, we are here to help. Because we want you to succeed we have spent countless man hours curating this list of felon friendly jobs. Our mission is to become the number one resource on the net. Because we believe everyone deserves a chance at success and the tools to get you there. 

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We are working on expanding our Felons Get Hired job board.  

The benefit of this job board is that companies come to our website to post here directly and they're already aware that you have a felony, yet would like to work with you. 

If you're an employer, please post your job opening here.

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That's right! They already know you have a past, and are ready to work with you. 

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