Kay Scott

Hi! I'm Kay Scott. Did you know, it's really hard to write a bio for yourself. I considered mentioning the fact that I'm a business owner, proud wife and mother of 3, and a world traveler--- but I feel that isn't what you care about.

I Then thought about sharing a few nerd cool facts about myself like how I was in show choir in high school and we took home the national title. 

I could even go the 'started from the bottom now I'm here' route and mention that I had my first child at 14, and battled homelessness, yet still finished school and started a successful real estate company. 

I could say a lot things, but the most important of them is why did I make this site. 

Growing up in Chicago, I've had many friends and family members that have gone to jail. They weren't bad people, just people that made bad choices. After seeing how hard it was for them to re-enter the work force, I decided to become a part of the solution. 

My goal is to make this the #1 resource for those with a criminal past but a bright future. If you have any suggestions or input please let me know.  

My direct email is kay@felonsgethired.com  

I'd also appreciate you sharing this site with everyone you know. The more people that know of the site, the more people we can help. Thank you!